In January, 2011, I put my first scripture art print up for sale. It was something I had created for myself and through the prompting of a friend, I had a few printed, packaged them up and made my first sale. In those days, modern scripture prints were hard to find and things quickly took off with my little shop.

Almost six years and thousands of orders later, we closed the art print shop connected to my blog and started a new company, Maker + Ink.

We opened Maker + Ink in November 2015 as one-stop shopping experience with a curated collection of the best faith-based art prints available. With just over one year under our belt, Maker + Ink has been a great success.

What we’ve found, however, is that we haven’t been able to pour our heart, time and focus into it as we had hoped. With a handful of other projects that take precedence, we are not doing this amazing concept justice.

After much thought, we have decided the best way to move forward is to close Maker + Ink.

We are so appreciative of your support over the past year and have loved our time sharing Truth through art with you. 


Emily + Ryan



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