MAKER + INK is a marketplace offering art from a variety of talented designers.

Each artist has a unique style and passion for sharing God's truth through word and illustration. Meet our amazing group of artists:  


Cheilsea Browning - Blissfolie

Taylor Rauschkolb - Brave Little Taylor

Aliza Latta - Choose Brave


Cheilsea Browning

Brave Little Taylor

Taylor Rauschkolb

Choose Brave

Aliza Latta

Stephanie Sliwinski - Fancy That Design House

Jenny Stewart - French Press Mornings

Jenny Sanders - Graceline

Fancy That Design House

Stephanie Sliwinski

French Press Mornings

Jenny Stewart


Jenny Sanders

Whitney Todd - Jitney's Journeys

Emily Lex - Jones Design Company

Kimber Campbell - Kimber Creates

Jitney's Journeys

Whitney Todd

Jones Design Company

Emily Lex

Kimber Creates

Kimber Campbell


Lindsay Hopkins - Pen and Paint

Rae Friis - Rae Ann Kelly

Lesley Zellers - Recipe for Crazy

Pen and Paint

Lindsay Hopkins

Rae Ann Kelly

Rae Friis

Recipe for Crazy

Lesley Zellers

Tiffany Aicklen - Sunday Scribe

Katie Newman - The Pretty Pen

Angie Poston - Thirsty Hearts Design

Sunday Scribe

Tiffany Aicklen

The Pretty Pen

Katie Newman

Thirsty Hearts Design

Angie Poston

Arin Guthe - True Cotton

Valerie Wieners - Valerie Wieners Art

Emily Guyer - Words Worth Noting

True Cotton

Arin Guthe

Valerie Wieners Art

Valerie Wieners

Words Worth Noting

Emily Guyer


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